Julia: And The Hunt For The Magical, Mysterious Buttlefly

Julia and the hunt for the magical, mysterious Buttlefly


A novella by Francis d.

Illustrations by EDWINA. Cover design by Paul Thompson

Published by www.trafford.com

The professor spoke at some length, frequently pausing to catch up with his thoughts. He had started by telling the curious pair (yes, even Alphonse was quite curious about this particular adventure,) that he was an entomologist. This immediately demanded explanation. Julia, as bright as she was, still confined most of her reading to stories of high adventure. The rarefied world of science and academia had yet to make a significant impact on her life. Once entomology was out of the way, the professor explained that he had been studying insects all of his life, even as a little boy.

Julia nodded sagely at this snippet. She knew that a lot of the little boys in the village also had an unhealthy interest in creepy -crawlies. Alphonse, for his part, recognised that this could quite well be a lengthy explanation and had sprawled himself on the ground next to Julia. She, in turn, was now leaning on him, making herself comfortable against his furry bulk.

The professor carried on with his story, not really getting to the point yet, but he was a gifted story teller and kept the pair of them interested with tales of some of his many expeditions searching for rare and exotic bugs. And it was then, almost missed because of the heat and the stories and how comfortable Alphonse was, that Julia heard the name for the first time.
“… for the magical Buttlefly ”.

“But we see butterflies all the time, don’t we, Alphonse.” Julia interrupted, nudging Alphonse for his support.


“Of course you do, my dear,” replied the professor, obviously used to this particular question, “but what I am searching for is a Buttlefly, not a butterfly.”

“I’ve never heard of one of them.”

“Exactly, because they are so very rare, and, if the legends are to be believed, very magical. Most of my colleagues laugh at me for even believing in such a thing.”

“Well, my Dad says that you shouldn’t laugh at people, even if they ’re different to you.”

“Your father is obviously a very clever chap ,” said the professor.

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