Julia: And The Hunt For The Magical, Mysterious Buttlefly


Julia and the hunt for the magical, mysterious Buttlefly

A novella by Francis d.

Illustrations by EDWINA. Cover design by Paul Thompson

Published by www.trafford.com

Julia was a little girl of, oh, I don’t know, about that age when little girls appear in stories like this. She was as cute as a shiny new button. At least, that’s what everyone said about her. Julia herself was too busy wondering where her next adventure would come from to care what the grownups were saying. Although, when she looked in the mirror, she was aware that her nose did wrinkle in a most mischievous manner when she laughed.

Every day, even if there was no a good reason for it, she would find an excuse to skip somewhere. She loved skipping, not least because whenever she skipped somewhere, she would always get into an adventure. Even as a little girl, Julia knew that some of her adventures were a bit too exciting to tell her parents about. Nevertheless, she did have two little sisters, Lola and Rosalind, who would see her off on her escapades and wait to hear all about them when she returned.

In addition, just to make sure that she was safe at all times she had Alphonse. Alphonse was her dog. A St. Bernard by breed, to her he was just the biggest, squishiest, most huggable chum she could ever have had an adventure with. Alphonse, a more restrained observer of life by nature, only relished these adventures because it gave him the opportunity to protect and serve the one little girl in his life that meant more to him than all the bone marrow in Mr. Zanduski’s butchers shop.

All in all these were happy times for Julia, Alphonse, Lola, Rosalind, their parents, aunts and uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins (1st  & 2nd) and the rest of the village of Cerise de St Croix.

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Julia and the hunt for the magical, mysterious Buttlefly will soon be available on the Apple iPad